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An updated adventure of the original Power Master 1: A Strange Journey! This demo takes place in the town of Fora, as well as the surrounding Fora Forest and the Fora Temple within. You start off as the character Stephan, but you can choose to be either Jennifer, Hamilton, or Helen as well if you talk to them in the town.

Play the full, original game here: https://powermaster.itch.io/po...


Initially, the arrow keys are used to move, Z is used to check objects and accept commands, and X is used to open your menu or cancel. These buttons can be remapped through an in-game menu.

You can also use the mouse to get around! Using the left button, you can click an area to move to and check out something. Using the right button, you can open your menu and cancel commands.

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Power Master 1 MV (Windows).zip 135 MB
Power Master 1 MV (Linux).zip 140 MB
Power Master 1 MV (Mac).zip 137 MB


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