A presentation of the Worst Mario RPG Areas for the Super Mario Wiki's Mario Awards! 

Use arrow keys to move, Z to perform actions, X to open the menu/cancel, and hold Shift to run. Buttons can be reconfigured. The mouse can also be used by left-clicking  to move and activate stuff, while right-click is the menu and cancel. Game is only tested on Windows.

Because Joke's End is supposed to have two characters moving simultaneously, the puzzles do not accurately work as well here with one character. They are possible, but it will be a lot of back and forth that may not be able to be completed within the Awards's five-minute time span. Though it's also totally possible to ignore those puzzles altogether.

Stephan sprites are owned by me. All other assets provided by the RPG Maker MV engine. Location and object names copyrighted by Nintendo (2003-2012), no copyrighted sprites were used. This is a parody.

More information on the anniversary can be found here: https://www.mariowiki.com/MarioWiki:Anniversary

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